Planning a Wedding


Please be assured of our prayers and support for you during this special time for preparation for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

Diocesan Policies for Wedding Ceremonies

Sometimes the requirements for wedding ceremonies -- along with the many other aspects of planning your wedding -- can start to feel overwhelming. In an effort to help you plan your ceremony in concert with the beauty and fullness of Church teachings, we have created this Fifteen Point Checklist for Holy Weddings. Please use this as your guide when planning the specific aspects of your wedding ceremony.


Required Documents

Please note, all necessary paperwork should be completed one month prior to the wedding if the marriage will take place at the our parish, and requests for documentation from our parish office should be made two months if the marriage will take in another parish.

Baptism Certificate (Issued within the last 6 months)

Every Catholic must present a Baptism certificate from their church of Baptism.

The certificate must be issued within 6 months of the scheduled first meeting with the celebrant.

Please note, this document should have notations on back indicating all Sacraments received up to date.


Civil Marriage License

If you are to be married in Mexico, Missouri, you will need an Audrain County Marriage License.

This can be obtained from the Audrain County Recorder of Deeds in Mexico.