Parish Update – September 23, 2020

Please stay after Mass a few minutes this weekend to learn about our new capital campaign, Respond, Restore, & Renew. This campaign will address serious replacement and repair needs with the heating/cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems in our church/rectory.

More information:

September 26/27: Please stay after Mass to hear about our campaign

October 3/4: Please come over to the parish hall after Mass to visit with finance council and pledge

Collection Totals
Please note, an average of $17,750 is needed weekly to meet expenses.
In years past, the “needed weekly” or “needed monthly” numbers were the amounts needed to match the projected revenue amount, not projected expenses. This meant that even if the parish met its goal each week, we would still lose money on a deficit budget. The amount needed weekly that we now publish is the amount actually needed to meet expenses. This means that if the parish makes this weekly goal, we will not lose money.

8/31/20-9/6/20    $10,938.00

9/7/20-9/13/20      $8,499.55

9/14/20-9/20-20  $16,229.00

Thank you for supporting your parish!