Parish Update – Masses Canceled – December 5, 2020

Dear St. Brendan,

I apologize for the short notice. I will not be able to celebrate Masses this weekend out of caution related to the novel corona virus. Nor will there be confessions available.

Deacon James will lead a liturgy of the Word and distribute Holy Communion at the usual Mass times: 5:30pm (Sat), as well as 9:00 am and noon (Sun). Deacons Amparo and Pedro will do the same in Spanish at 7:00pm (Sat).

Due to the shortage of priests in our diocese, there are no other priests available to fill in for me. A liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion (Sunday Service in the Absence of a Priest) is not a substitute for Holy Mass, but it is an opportunity to pray as a community. to listen to God’s Word, and to receive the Body of the Lord (the Eucharist consecrated at a previous Mass).

I am not experiencing any identifiable symptoms, so please do not worry about that (thank you for your prayers!), but I have been advised by my health care provider to quarantine for at least 3 days while I await test results.

I have to admit, it is hard for me to cancel Masses, and because I feel fine, it is tempting to carry on as normal. However, that would be irresponsible of me. I have asked my parishioners to follow the health guidelines out of concern for others. I have asked our staff and faculty to do this. I have asked our school parents to do the same. I cannot do any less myself. This is not a time to be guided only by feelings but instead by reason and a true commitment to the good of others.

I hope to see you all again soon!

In Christ,Fr. Dylan Schrader