Parish Update – Mass to be celebrated in the parish hall beginning June 12

Dear St. Brendan Parish,
We have reached the point in our Respond, Restore, & Renewproject that we must move out of the church for Masses. Therefore beginning Saturday, June 12, all Masses will be celebrated in the air-conditioned parish hall/gymnasium until further notice.
Thank you to those who have donated to the capital campaign that is making this work possible. We still need people to continue to be faithful to their pledges as we go forward! You can even pay pledges or donate online.

Some Practical Notes
Eucharistic Exposition on Fridays from 2-3pm may be held in church or in the parish hall depending on the circumstances.
Confessions will be available in the parish hall meeting room during the regular times, either behind a screen or face-to-face.

Signs of Reverence
Because the parish hall is not a sacred space like our church is, we will need to be extra vigilant in our reverence to the Blessed Sacrament and the decorum appropriate to holy Mass.
If you are unable to kneel at the times during Mass when the congregation normally kneels, it is appropriate to remain standing and to bow when the priest genuflects after the elevation of the Host and Chalice. If you are unable to stand, sitting is appropriate, of course.
Because the Blessed Sacrament will continue to be reserved in the church, at times it will be necessary to transfer the Blessed Sacrament to and from church. Please be respectful as the Blessed Sacrament passes by.
Because the Blessed Sacrament is not reserved in the parish hall, it is appropriate to bow to the altar (instead of genuflecting) when entering and leaving.