Parish Update – July 24, 2020

School Offering Envelopes

As a reminder, we no longer have separate School Offering envelopes. St. Brendan School is a ministry of our parish. It is primarily funded by the tithing of our parishioners through the regular Sunday collection. Donations made through the old School Offering envelopes always went into the same account as the Sunday collection. For greater transparency and to emphasize the unity of our school with our parish and our common responsibility, we no longer have the separate envelopes.

If you were previously in the practice of using the School Offering envelopes, please just put your contribution in the regular Sunday offering instead.

Thank you for supporting your parish!

Father Schrader Absent (July 27-Aug 1)

Father Schrader will be away July 27-Aug 1. Fr. James Finder will be celebrating some of the Masses Aug 1/2.

For emergencies requiring the last rites, please call Fr. Joseph Abah in Fulton or Fr. Augustine Okali in Martinsburg.

Our Pastoral Plan

Our pastoral plan will launch officially in Advent. We have four main goals, including: engaging the under-served; improving stewardship; renewing the Sunday experience; and reviewing parish leadership structures. This is a three-year plan meant to help us pursue our mission of glorifying God and bringing people to salvation in Christ.

Check out the overview here:

Catechism Live (streamed on Facebook at 6:00pm)


27. Tuesday, August 4: Compendium, questions 171-176 [The Church]

28. Thursday, August 6: Compendium, questions 177-183 [The Faithful]

29. Tuesday, August 11: Compendium, questions 184-187 [The Bishops]

30. Thursday, August 13: Compendium, questions 188-191 [The Lay Faithful]

31. Tuesday, August 18: Compendium, questions 192-195 [The Consecrated Life; The Communion of Saints]

32. Thursday, August 20: Compendium, questions 196-201 [Mary, Mother of the Church; The Forgiveness of Sins]

33. Tuesday, August 25: Compendium, questions 202-206 [The Resurrection of the Body]

34. Thursday, August 27: Compendium, questions 207-211 [Life Everlasting; Purgatory]

Collection Totals
7/1/20-7/5/20    $7,838.00

7/6/20-7/12/20  $7,165.50

7/13-7/19/20   $15,334.00

Our annual detailed financial report to the parish is in preparation and will be made available along with the 2020-2021 budget when finalized with the parish finance council. For more information on our financial structure, see: