Building Projects

Building Projects

"Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain." (Psalm 127:1)

These are proposed or current major building projects for St. Brendan Parish. While our material resources do not define our parish, they do serve our spiritual mission and the overall good of our parishioners and community. By prudent planning and stewardship of the gifts God has entrusted our parish through its parishioners, we can keep our parish in good physical shape for years to come.

In addition to active projects, the Buildings and Grounds committee of the St. Brendan Finance Council is actively studying our campus and developing a multi-stage plan for maintenance and improvements.

Information given below is subject to change.

Main School HVAC

We are excited to let you know that we have an amazing opportunity to make a major upgrade and long term remedy to a difficulty we've been working on for years - Heating and Cooling in the Main School building! 
As I came to St. Brendan, we were in the middle of a project sealing the brick and replacing inner walls that had deteriorated from humidity and moisture over years. This has been an ongoing problem, partially remedied by maintaining the exterior of the brick and by moving new drywall away from the brick on the upper floor. While greatly improved, it was also evident that maintaining air flow and humidity in the air is not possible without a full HVAC system.
I was also made aware the boiler dates to 1964 (with some sort of work/overhaul in 1982) and many of the radiator units in classrooms have failing valves which need replacing. After multiple conversations and review of information for remedying these issues, there was a unanimous recommendation from Finance council to proceed with plans to upgrade to an 95% efficient HVAC system (the current boiler is 50% efficient) with both heating and cooling through a duct system eliminating the use of the ailing radiators and the troublesome window units. Those plans were then shared with the pastoral council for feedback and sent to the diocese for review and approval.
We knew that soon something had to be done.  While this will cost more "upfront" it will likely be less expensive in the long run, and definitely provide a better educational environment for the classrooms year round, help protect the interior of the building and air quality, and be better stewardship of our resources than simply replacing the boiler - an expensive endeavor on its own, that would still leave us with an ailing and aged system that only provided heating.  
We'll have more information to share on our plans to finance this project soon, but we are currently in the first stage of personal invitations from large gift donors.  Of course, due to the generosity and participation of so many in the last dinner auction we already have some funds "in hand" (over $62,000). This project is being accomplished this summer, and there will be plenty of opportunities to help it go smoothly, both in time and talent, as well as in sacrificial gifts above and beyond normal stewardship (for parishioners) or tuition (for non-catholic Families with students participating in the ministry of our school)!
In the meantime, please pray for the success of this endeavor and make every effort to respond to invitations to help from Mrs Coulson as we go through the process this summer to prepare for the work, to do a cleanup and setup for school at the end, and anything else that may arise!

Peace.... FrDave

Cost: Approximately $165,000

Funded by: School Dinner Auction 2022, (Likely any proceeds from Dinner Auction 2023) and donations for project

Planned for: Summer 2023

School Tuckpointing

The main school building needs tuckpointing and sealing to prevent moisture-related problems in our classrooms. The need is urgent.

Cost: Approximately $55,000

Funded by: School dinner auction 2021 and savings

Planned for: Summer 2022

Church/Rectory Repairs

Serious replacements are needed for the church/rectory HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Cost: Approximately $550,000

Funded by: Respond, Restore, & Renew capital campaign

Begun: April, 2021

Progress Photos

Parking Lot Repairs


The upper parking lot has extensive cracking that will continue to worsen drastically if left unrepaired. This is the area where our children play. Additionally, the side lot needs minor repairs and sealing to prevent its getting into bad shape.

To be completed: Summer 2020

Funded by: Special Donation

Cost: Approximately $59,000

Playground Matting Replacement

The playground matting has deteriorated severely and has become a safety hazard. It needs to be completely replaced.

To be completed: Summer 2020

Funded by: St. Brendan School Foundation grant

Cost: Approximately $65,000


Parish Hall Meeting Room

The final major item in the Faith, Family, and Futures capital campaign (August 2015-August 2020) is the renovation of the old bathrooms and storage space in the parish hall / gymnasium to provide for better storage for the school and a ground-level, accessible meeting room for the entire parish.

To be completed: Summer 2020

Funded by: Contributions to Faith, Family, and Futures

Cost: Approximately $29,000