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Catechism Live

Catechism Live is a live-streamed study of the Catholic faith for adults. It normally runs Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:00pm.

The study text is the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which is a summary of Catholic teaching in question and answer form.

Each question is numbered. In our study, we use the question numbers (not page numbers), typically discussing a handful of questions each session.

Participants take part by reading the questions in advance and then by watching the discussion on Facebook, posting their own insights and questions in the comments.

Where can I find the textbook?

This text is available online for free on the Vatican website.

It is also available in paperback and Amazon Kindle formats.

Where can I watch the live stream?

> Sessions can be viewed live on our parish Facebook page.

Past Videos and Upcoming Sessions:

All sessions are live at 6:00pm but can be viewed and commented on any time.

1. Tuesday, April 14: Compendium, questions 1-5 [What the Compendium is and how to read it; Man's Capacity for God]

2. Thursday, April 16: Compendium, questions 6-10 [The Revelation of God]

3. Tuesday, April 21: Compendium, questions 11-17 [The Transmission of Divine Revelation]

4. Thursday, April 23: Compendium, questions 18-24 [Sacred Scripture]

5. Tuesday, April 28: Compendium, questions 25-29 [I Believe]

6. Thursday, April 30: Compendium, questions 30-32 and 33-35 [We Believe; The Symbols of Faith]

7. Tuesday, May 5: Compendium, questions 36-43 [“I believe in God the Father Almighty,
Creator of heaven and earth.”]

8. Thursday, May 7: Compendium, questions 44-49 [The Trinity]

9. Tuesday, May 12: Compendium, questions 50-58 [Attributes of God, Creation, and Providence]

10. Thursday, May 14: Compendium, questions 59-65 [Heaven and Earth]

11. Tuesday, May 19: Compendium, questions 66-72 [Man]

12. Thursday, May 21: Compendium, questions 73-78 [The Fall]

13. Tuesday, June 2: Compendium, questions 79-84 [I Believe in Jesus Christ, the Only Son of God]

14. Thursday, June 4: Compendium, questions 85-89 [“Jesus Christ was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, and was born of the Virgin Mary”]

15. Tuesday, June 9: Compendium, questions 90-95 [Christ's Knowledge and Will; Mary]

16. Thursday, June 11: Compendium, questions 96-100 [Mary]

17. Tuesday, June 16: Compendium, questions 101-111 [Mysteries of Christ's Life]

18. Thursday, June 18: Compendium, questions 112-116 [Mysteries of Christ's Life Continued]

19. Tuesday, June 23: Compendium, questions 117-124 [Christ's Cross and Death]

20. Thursday, June 25: Compendium, questions 125-131 [Christ's Descent into Hell and Resurrection]

21. Tuesday, June 30: Compendium, questions 132-135 [Christ's Ascension and Second Coming]

22. Thursday, July 2: Compendium, questions 136-146 [The Holy Spirit]

23. Tuesday, July 14: Compendium, questions 147-152 [The Church]

24. Thursday, July 16: Compendium, questions 153-160 [The Church]

25. Tuesday, July 21: Compendium, questions 161-165 [The Church]

26. Thursday, July 23: Compendium, questions 166-170 [The Church]

27. Tuesday, August 4: Compendium, questions 171-176 [The Church]

28. Thursday, August 6: Compendium, questions 177-183 [The Faithful]

29. Tuesday, August 11: Compendium, questions 184-187 [The Bishops]

30. Thursday, August 13: Compendium, questions 188-191 [The Lay Faithful]

31. Tuesday, August 18: Compendium, questions 192-195 [The Consecrated Life; The Communion of Saints]

32. Thursday, August 20: Compendium, questions 196-201 [Mary, Mother of the Church; The Forgiveness of Sins]

33. Tuesday, August 25: Compendium, questions 202-206 [The Resurrection of the Body]

34. Thursday, August 27: Compendium, questions 207-211 [Life Everlasting; Purgatory]