How to Attend Mass:

  • Bishop McKnight has dispensed everyone from the obligation to attend Mass through November 27 (see full instructions for conditions).
  • Those who are high-risk are encouraged to stay home.
  • Before coming to Mass, please check your temperature. If you have a fever or other symptoms of illness, stay home.
  • Consider attending on a weekday rather than on the weekend.
  • Wearing a mask is required for those able to do so:
    • when entering/leaving church
    • in line for Holy Communion
    • any time distancing cannot be maintained
  • Please leave a 6-foot gap between households.
  • If you wish to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, please come up after others have received on the hand.

> The Bishop's full instructions.

What Else You Can Do:

  • Sign up for Flocknote for the latest parish updates.
  • Join Fr. Schrader for Catechism Live or for other live-streamed events.
  • Pray at home using a resource like Word on Fire.
  • Pray the Rosary or another Catholic devotion.
  • Call someone to check on them.
  • Go to confession.
  • Watch a movie, documentary, or faith study video on St. Brendan provides full access to parishioners.
  • Stay in touch on St. Brendan's Facebook page.

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