Parish Update – September 2, 2020

Friday Holy Hours (2-3pm)
Beginning in September, stop by the church Fridays between 2-3pm to pray before the Blessed Sacrament, with Benediction (a special blessing given with the Eucharist) at 2:45pm. Come pray before picking up your kids from school!

Youth Group (6th-12th grade)
Our schedule (all sessions will be Wednesdays from 7pm- 8:30pm in the parish hall):

September 2 (pre-season social)

September 9 (The Kind of People He Invites)

September 23 (The Invitation)

October 14 (The Cost)

October 28 (You are Not Alone)

Collection Totals (average of $17,750 needed weekly)

8/3/20-8/9/20        $6,998.25

8/10/20-8/16/20    $9,147.50

8/17/20-8/23/20  $12,765.50

8/24/20-8/30/20  $10,152.50

Thank you for supporting your parish!